9 Best Virtual Zoom Lunch Ideas In 2023

The best virtual lunch and learns are well-structured, yet interactive. Be sure to leave time for questions and answers, preferably throughout the call instead of only at the end. Post-event, send a recap email to attendees with thanks, highlights, and additional resources. Virtual lunch is an online team building event where team members come together to share a meal remotely over video conferencing software.

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Free and pay-to-play trivia games are widely available via Slack, or you can create questions of your own for a video-based, Jeopardy-style game. Lunchpool provides fun team experiences to help your team stay engaged, connected, and well-fed, with lunch options, happy hours, coffee breaks and a lot of different activities. They even offer Remo virtual office spaces to help your remote workforce perform better by giving them a customized virtual office space to meaningfully collaborate and connect. The talk-based exercise is educational and translates easily to Zoom. To hold a virtual book club session, first choose and announce a book a month or so in advance. You can boost participation by sending guests a physical or digital copy of the chosen title or to reimbursing the purchase.

How can we ensure that our virtual lunch session caters to different learning styles within the team?

To shake things up at your next digital lunch, consider having your team play Would You Rather. This intriguing game involves one player asking the rest of the group if they’d rather do one thing over another. As people answer the question in succession, have them explain their answers no matter how silly or ridiculous their explanations might be. This game is a great way to spark debate and it allows people to get to know each other better. While some people take dance workouts seriously in the gym, losing weight or working up a sweat shouldn’t be the point of the workout you incorporate into a virtual event.

Organizers who want to go above and beyond can plan fun activities such as virtual tea parties and theme lunches to make the occasion extra memorable. Lunch and learns are educational events where employees chow down while hearing interesting information or learning a new skill. The focus of these events tends to be job skills such as time management or life skills such as budgeting, however you can host a lunch and learn on whatever topic you would like. You can send out a survey to find out what topics most interests team members. Then, find an expert in that area willing to join the group on Zoom.

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Given all the information we’ve shared about Scarlett Johansson up to this point, you may want to base your contest on her instead. Alternatively, you can choose a new employee or a worker approaching retirement as the subject of your contest. Just like there isn’t a shortage of remote lunch ideas, there’s an abundance of themes you can use to plan an upcoming virtual lunch. Once you pick a theme, let everyone know what it is so they can prepare accordingly. Since you’re hosting this meeting during lunchtime, you never want to cover serious matters.

remote work lunch blog

So, without further ado, let’s dive into nine virtual lunch meeting ideas that will turn your virtual lunch meetings into entertaining and team-bonding lunches. Try out a bracket competition—like you’d see for a basketball tournament—to host team competitions or to rank and visualize decisions. You could watch a set of movies over time and rank them, try to find the best coffee brand as a team, and more.

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And you’re in luck, Remo has a free plan you can use in a matter of minutes for your next virtual lunch. While you may not want to choose an area too niche, choosing different topics will appeal to different https://remotemode.net/ teammates. Plus, variety is likely to encourage regular participants to keep coming back. Including visual elements is a good way to keep the crowd engaged, especially screen sharing slideshows.

This gluten-free and paleo Tahini Chicken Salad is top allergy-free, healthy, delicious, and perfect to add to your meal prep routine! This easy buffalo chicken rice bowl is topped with bold buffalo chicken, avocado, celery, tomatoes, and bacon. Afterward, you could convert your choices into a team playlist so your team members have music remote work blog for every mood while they work from home. A little small talk goes a long way to growing relationships and building trust among team members. What’s more, make sure you have at least one person speaking at any one time to avoid a situation where everyone’s more engrossed with what’s on their plate than with what’s happening on-screen.

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