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Eminem: 12 years sober, the rapper says 'I’m not afraid’

As the singer is now teetotal, it’s fair to say she found the answer. Young decided to become sober in 2011 because he wanted to be more alert and he was curious about what sobriety would feel like. “No to drugs, I never spark it”, Tyler said on the first track of his very first project, Bastard.

J. Cole’s KOD album even explored the severity of drug abuse and addiction. Unfortunately, drug use in hip hop is nothing new, as we have lost talents like Pimp C, Mac Miller, and Juice WRLD to overdoses. As a result of the toll that addiction can take on an individual, many rappers have become sober and are inspiring others to do so as well. This is a list of rappers who are sober and recovering from former addictions. Hip hop culture heavily promotes alcohol and drugs, from club tracks that endorse „popping bottles” to street anthems that glorify „sipping lean.” Some rappers have been vulnerable, exposing the dark side of drug use in their music.

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Additionally, he elaborated that his father was addicted to drugs and did not want to follow the same path. During the gap between his 2014 debut, Cilvia Demo, and 2016’s The Sun’s Tirade, Isaiah Rashad was dealing with an addiction to pills and alcohol. His addiction was severe to the point where he admitted he was almost dropped fromhis label, Top Dawg Entertainment. Isaiah Rashad’s https://ecosoberhouse.com/ alcoholism continued after The Sun’s Tirade, resulting in an even longer gap between albums before eventually quitting drinking and smoking in 2019. After spending time in rehab, his third album, 2021’s The House is Burning, was recorded completely sober. But despite drug culture’s influence over music and trends, a number of the game’s favorite artists embrace sobriety.

  • Logic is a great example of choosing a path of addiction treatment, despite being raised in an environment that harbored drug use and addiction.
  • Lamar recalled the conversation he had with his father in an interview with SPIN’s Jessica Hopper.

Though it may seem like drug use is conducive to creativity in the rap world, there are several rappers who prove that this is not the case. Tyler, The Creator lives a lifestyle free from drugs and alcohol and identifies as „straight-edge.” Kanye West has had a tumultuous few years, but his difficult journey also included a successful sobriety journey. Kanye has spoken publicly about his struggles with alcohol and drug abuse in the past, and in 2019 he revealed that he is now a year sober.

Kendrick Lamar – Mother I Sober (Русский перевод) Lyrics

Having grown up in Compton, Kendrick Lamar smoked and drank a bit as a teenager. Dot’s dad gave him advice that would change sober rappers his lifestyle. Lamar recalled the conversation he had with his father in an interview with SPIN’s Jessica Hopper.

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