Pictures Of Marcedes Lewis & Olivia Pierson Off 'WAGS’ Are Difficult To Get

Until circumstances get locked up with an engagement ring, the cast members on


you shouldn’t typically boast about their connections. Instead, they hold products significantly informal, like
Olivia and her boyfriend, Jacksonville Jaguars member Marcedes Lewis.
But, if you should be interested in how pair are performing post-


Period 2, sadly, discovern’t many
photos of Olivia Pierson and Marcedes Lewis
offered, while several shows regarding the season concur that these two tend to be obviously matchmaking. In fact, they will have showed up with each other on


Month 1 and Month 2, from their first go out until their unique connection deepened to the point in which it is special, and
Tia Shipman casually flirting with Marcedes
had been decidedly not OK with Olivia and her pals.

Even though their own union gets more serious, their own social media PDA is certainly not. Despite showing up on a tv program alongside, Olivia and Marcedes have actually but to create a selfie together, an image in which they truly are kissing, or a sappy caption regarding how a lot they love one another. These two are not extremely into broadcasting their unique connection through loads of photos — in case you have been after them, you are able to puzzle down two things about their union through the photographs they post.

Their Unique Long-distance Plan

Yet another thing which may stop all of them from using a lot of photos together usually Marcedes relies in Florida for their position throughout the Jaguars while Olivia is normally in Ca, where


is shot.

They’re Both Trying To Make Globally A Much Better Spot

As he isn’t really training or working on the basketball season, Marcedes is normally advertising some sort of foundation. And while it will be small, Olivia’s article about dark resides point will be a lot farther than some some other stars are able to get.

They Truly Are Both Sports Enthusiasts

And playing basketball, Marcedes seems to be a big baseball follower, while
Olivia along with her team went along to a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball
video game not too long ago. Limited clue that this couple may have more in keeping.

Olivia’s Girls’ Time

In lieu of dating people, it appears like Olivia uses her break together with her best friend and relative Natalie along with her sis Sophia, exactly who both show up on


along with her.

And, Marcedes’ Set Of Men

And like Olivia, Marcedes is not getting together with a bunch of unmarried ladies on their nights off. It seems like their spends most of his non-work time with buddies alternatively.

Olivia Might Probably See Him

This image of Olivia and Natalie toasting midair could just be a vacation between pals, or it could actually be a vacation your two commit visit Marcedes.

Marcedes Is Giving Out Some Gift Ideas

What is actually a typical boyfriend-girlfriend gift? Blossoms, obviously, and Olivia posted why these white flowers tend to be the woman favorites. It’s possible that she decided to address by herself, however the sole thing missing to attribute these as a sweet gift is actually a syrupy sweet hashtag.

While Olivia Pierson and Marcedes Lewis will most likely not post lots of pictures collectively, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t tips inserted inside their non-romantic images that demonstrate that this


few have actually a rather pretty commitment.